We deliver in refrigerated air ride tractor-trailers right to your door.

Customs Clearance
All of our shipments to the USA are customs cleared. We take care of all the paper work because we want your ordering experience with us to be a pleasant one! This applies to all orders, whether by truck or air.

Airfreight Shipments
For orders of less than one pallet, we ship by airfreight as follows:

Bulk night crawlers
A minimum of 20,000 night crawlers (large size) or 18,000 night crawlers (extra-large size) in a one-pallet master container (EH).


  in a one-pallet cardboard master container (EH)
GIANTS Packages of 12 - 576 packages (6,912 NC)
LARGE Packages of 12 - 576 packages (6,912 NC)
Packages of 18 - 432 packages (7,776 NC)
MINI / DILLIES Packages of 15 - 576 packages (8,640 NC)
Packages of 18 - 576 packages (10,368 NC)
Packages of 24 - 432 packages (10,368 NC)


National Bait Inc. ships to most countries in the European Union. Our distributors supply almost all of Western Europe. Orders from Canada are shipped F.O.B. or C.I.F. airfreight. The consignee must arrange customs clearance at the airport of arrival through a local broker.


The price of bulk night crawlers is quoted per 1,000 and pre-packaged night crawlers are quoted per case. For pricing information, please contact us, as night crawler prices are subject to change due to weather conditions. If you require an immediate quote, please fill out our order form as we are looking forward to your business.



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